Classes in and around Inverness


The Ledge Climbing Gym, Telford Street, Inverness, IV2 5LS


Spectrum Centre, 1 Margaret Street, IV1 1LS



Ardesier War Memorial Hall, IV2 7SS


Phipps Hall, IV4 7EH

Our Classes

Both studio and online classes are available.

Those new to Yoga are advised to start with a beginners class; for those with a little more experience, a general class may be more suitable; our online class is general level.  We also offer a general/intermediate level for more experienced students.

Classes may  be booked either singly or in blocks. 

You can choose to pay either by card or via secure  PayPal transfer (you do not need a PayPal account to use the link, if paying by card click on the right icon).

The Thursday Spectrum class only accepts payment at class.


Suitable for complete beginners, or those who have previously attended only online classes.
Students are recommended to spend at least a year or two working at this level prior to moving up to a General class.
Classes are taught by Fiona Sarjeant.


Suitable for all levels of students, except complete beginners - variations and adaptations will be given to accommodate varying levels of experience within the class.
Classes are taught by Alice Tree, Donna Youngson & Fiona Sarjeant.


Suitable for those who have attended a beginners or general class for a couple of years or more.
More challenging asanas will be introduced, but are not compulsory, alternatives can be given; the emphasis is on practising sensitively.
Pranayama is taught in the last class of the month. Class is taught by Fiona Sarjeant.


For students, who have been attending our classes for at least two years, who wish to progress further, we run weekend workshops with guest Senior Iyengar teachers, often from overseas.  When events are scheduled, they will appear on our timetable page and can be booked from there. 

Please speak to your teacher first if you are unsure about attending.

Our events for 2024 are:

1st – 3rd March Bobby Clennell (hybrid)

8th – 9th June Uday Bhosale 

6th – 7th September Katie Rutherford