BKS Iyengar was born in 1918 into a large, poor family gurujiin a small village called Bellur in south India. He was a sickly child and was sent to study yoga with his brother-in-law Professor T. Krishnamacharya. He died in 2014. Known to his students affectionately as 'Guruji', one who dispels darkness, he brought light and insight into the lives of millions of people throughout the world. He received honours from many countries and renowned Institutions and was named as one of the world's top 100 most influential people by Time Magazine in 2004.

Mr Iyengar destatue of patanjali at rimyinied there was an Iyengar technique, preferring it be referred to as the ashtanga yoga of Patanjali. However the publication of his book Light on Yoga in the sixties, brought his interpretation of yoga to a worldwide audience. The approach is clear, systematic, progressive and safe. Mr Iyengar introduced a number of props in practice to help students improve their practice, to help experience precision and alignment of the body in each of the asanas. Mr Iyengar continued to dedicate himself to the practice of yoga, refining his art for the benefit of those who wish to learn. He continued to innovate and inspire and was assisted by his daughter Geeta and son Prashant, both teachers of dedication, clarity and wisdom. Geeta sadly died in 2018. The Iyengars published many books, articles and information for the use of the wider Iyengar Yoga community.  In addition teachers are either taught directly by the Iyengars (Prashant and Abhijata, Mr Iyengar's grandaughter) or their students in Pune or attend classes with a senior teacher who does.

 When Fiona and Donna visited the Ramamani Iyengar Yogadonna greeting guruji at the guru purnima celebration, riymi july 2005 Memorial Institute in Pune in 2005 they attended daily classes with either Geeta or Prashant and self practice sessions at which Guruji was always visible in the room undertaking his daily practice and, to their delight, occasionally taking over the teaching sessions.

This document from the IYA gives some practical information on the benefits of Yoga and more information on BKS Iyengar.

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